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---- 18th Sep 2015 -----
Added 15 new recipes to the Recycler
---- 6th Aug 2015 -----
Added Crafting to the main side menu to make access easier
---- 5th Jun 2015 -----
Daily Missions have been added to the game. NPC's with a blue question mark give the Daily Missions. Several scattered around Ash Flats, Hellport, and Widowmaker, to name a few.
---- 25th Feb 2015 -----
Dune Sea opens.
Added some new items and monsters
---- 18th Jan 2015 -----
Crafting has been added to the game! Right click on the map and choose crafting, or go into your Stats/Skills page and click on Crafting to use it.
---- 25th Nov 2014 -----
Added a new tutorial to help ease in new players to the game. Also changed starting gear and stat points for new players. Again to make it easier for new players to get into the action.

Moved the npc dialog box, expanded it and removed the banner at the top of the dialog box. Much easier to read and less scrolling to click on options.
---- 19th Nov 2014 -----
Fixed Vendor shops to buy the appropriate items. So if you are trying to sell something and the vendor is having none of it, be sure to see if other vendors might buy it. For example, gunsmiths won't buy armor...etc
---- 11th Nov 2014 -----
Fixed a few missing icons on some items. Also adjusted a few drops on the monsters. They no longer drop raw food items since those items can be harvested from planets.

Added a few new items to junkpiles.
---- 15th Sep 2014 -----
fixed missing currency on auctions that were bid on
---- 6th Sep 2014 -----
Added a Pet Auction to the Black Market in Ash Flats. The last auctioneer is the Pet Auction